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The Eastwood Village apartments in Melissa will include 10 buildings and a community center and pool.(Contributed / Ebarb + Guest Architecture ) 

Eastwood Village Luxury  Apartment Homes

A Frisco-based development partnership is eyeing an apartment project in Melissa.

The Collin County community is one of North Texas’ fastest growing markets, with builders constructing thousands of homes.

The number of rental projects in Melissa is also on the rise, with projects in the works by developers Alliance ResidentialHighPark Capital and other builders.



Commercial real estate is a type of real estate investing where the property you invest in has been used for profit making. Investing in commercial properties has proven to be an effective way for many people to achieve financial freedom. It’s been very profitable for many investors around the world and is a valid alternative to other investment types.

The term commercial real estate simply refers to a type of investment property. In short, it’s real estate that has been used for producing profit – usually from renting it out or using it as collateral on a loan.


Multi-family Properties are typically larger rental units that are more expensive than single-family homes. These units allow for the investor to have multiple tenants living in the same building and spread out their payments over the months. By doing this your total income is much higher than what it would be if you were renting out a single property to just one person.

This greater income cut into smaller payments means that you can make a much more substantial return on your investment over a shorter amount of time.

A secure financial future and an easy way to retire is within your reach.

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Investing in commercial real estate can be a great way to build wealth, increase liquidity, and gain access to low-cost capital for growth.

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We’re no strangers to success. The commercial real estate market is changing right now. But one thing will never change: our level of commitment to excellence and service.

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Commercial real estate investment is not only a wise choice for your financial security, but it is also one of the best ways to diversify your investment portfolio.

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