Passively Grow Your Wealth to Retire - Sridhar Sannidhi

Real estate is one of the safest and most solid ways to grow your wealth. However, many people are not aware of how they can take advantage of it to build wealth and retire one day.

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CEO and Founder FGCP. He’s just a normal person from a middle-class family located in Columbus, Ohio, who was raised without any knowledge of investing. When he first began to be successful in his work, he was unsure of what to do with his high pay. He was embarrassed to ask since it felt like the answer was something he “should’ve” already known. He recalled hearing colleagues speak of being “accredited investors” and giving them fake smiles as if he knew what they were discussing.

Sridhar Sannidhi earned the degree of Master of Science in the field of Information Management and Computer Science Engineering. His career was in the IT sector for more than 28 years as a Finance Accredited Insurance Deal Syndicator, and as a Passive Investor in Commercial Real Estate. Sridhar is constantly looking for value-added and or stable properties within the commercial real property.

More than $125 million in assets under management, Co-sponsored by 1329 units across 5 multi-family communities in Texas. He has actively invested in more than 4300 multi-family unit syndications across the US (over 100 million dollars). Sridhar has a strong background in Financial Analysis and Statistical modeling. He is a very committed, collaborative, and results-oriented team player. He enjoys traveling, and watching films, and is delighted to participate in charity activities.

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